Am proud to explain about our MEP systems.

Let’s we move to the topic,

HVAC- heating ventilation and air-conditioning.


In Hvac we are doing three important activities like pre heating the atmosphere air into heating or cooling supply air. Then we will serve the supply air to the respective rooms via air terminal.


Ventilation is important for all the human being or animals. We need to breath the fresh air and we need to extract the used air this is called ventilation system. If your not doing this species can’t breath properly.

Air conditioning :

This is beautiful process. We need to condition the atmosphere into supply air with good air quality. We need to give good comfortness for all the human being. If human getting good comfort he will decide some important decisions without any trouble.if human feels uncomfortable he will take some wrong decision in his personal or official life. So Hvac is important for all the human being. Kindly consider the psychological factors so surely you will learn this Hvac system.

Who can learn this Hvac?

The mechanical engineering candidate is the top priority and who are learned thermal engineering, thermo dynamics, heat and mass transfer and fluid mechanics they also eligible to learn this Hvac system.

Carrier or scope

Once if you learned this Hvac system you can get the following job designation in construction industry.

Hvac design engineer

Hvac site engineer /supervisor

Hvac quantity surveyor

Hvac design manager

Hvac draftman